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The book that started it all.

"I created these 15 steps because I felt there was a need for more than just dating. I went to singles events, signed up for dating sites and downloaded several dating apps, but something just never felt right.


I cried during reports aired on the news and was traumatized by dating horror stories- with some being my own- so the educator in me came up with a way to give women the experience before the encounter.


 I wanted to get to them before their next date. The goal was to prepare them for what could happen so they would be capable of protecting themselves from possible trauma and able to heal through self-love."

Angel Domingue, U.S.

This book is good for men and women I would even suggest couples to read this book together to learn about one another in a grander- deeper way. 

Stitch, U.S.

It’s absolutely amazing.

JayC., U.S.

The experience of reading this book and getting to know the characters was so healing!! It was perfect for my three day beach {getaway}. Doing the activities helped me realize so much about myself.
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